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For our special price of $10 a year (regularly $12 a year), you will receive 12 digital Quest Flyers—one for you to use each month, complete with resources and ideas to help you connect with the generations in your family as you all learn to read, understand and live God’s Word together! This is more than just a devotional as it provides the opportunity and resources necessary for grandparents and parents to connect intentionally with the children they love to hand down a heritage of faith.

Each month’s Quest Flyer will provide a background on the Bible person about whom you are learning, ideas to apply what you learn with preschoolers and elementary age children as well as with teens and college-age children. You will find a monthly schedule with daily verses to read and a question to help you think about what you are reading.

Each month you will -
           · Give each child their own copy of the monthly reading schedule—print them out or send them digital copies.
           · Each day you and they will read the daily verses and question.
           · If families want to discuss the daily verses and questions, they are welcome to do so.
           · At least twice a month grandparents will connect with their grandchildren—in person, over the phone or computer to talk about what they read and are learning from God’s Word.

For less than $1.00 a month Generations Quest provides you with the tools you need to help your entire family learn to read, understand and live God’s Word; and since God’s Word is where we find the truth, where we find true power to stand against the ideas of this world and the one thing which God has promised will accomplish what He has planned, what could we possibly spend this money on which will give us a better return?

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