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Deeper in 4 Grandparents & Parents, Too! Praying the Scriptures for the Children You Love
Old Testament Edition - Buy your own copy at this link

Psalms Edition - Buy Your own copy at this link.

One of the most important and powerful things we will do for the children we love is to pray for them, faithfully. While we know this, it is often one of the things with which we struggle. How do we pray? How do we pray faithfully?

The Deeper In books are designed to help you pray every day as you pray Scripture for the children you love!

It is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren. Buy your own copy at this link.

Do you ever wonder if your grandchildren/children are "spoiled"? Well, take heart! In this book, with humor and a generous sprinkling of joy, Lynda talks about why it is impossible to spoil grandchildren! She shares some of her, "sweet grandson stories" along with insight from God's Word and encourages you to love your grandchildren with great delight as you point them to Jesus and hand down a heritage of faith.

  • Great book for new grandparents
  • Fun and insightful book for small groups and classes to work through together.
"Every grandparent will want this book; not because you do not want to spoil your grandchildren, but because you want to help them grow God's way. This book will help me and you with this challenge."      Gil Beers, Author

Science, the Bible & Fun Buy your own copy at this link.

Try a Free Lesson to Hand Down the FaithIn this day and age it is especially important for grandparents (and parents) to be focused upon handing their faith to the children they love, but it is often a challenge to find resources to help you do this. Science the Bible & Fun was written for this reason and provides 52 weeks of lessons  you will be able to use to engage your grandchildren/children in learning how to love, know and walk with God. Each week you'll find a science activity which will engage children and connect them to the point of the Bible event. They will learn about Bible people and how to pray the Psalms back to God along with fun activities which will connect your family and build your relationships.

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